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About AA Health

AA Health A complete healthcare solutions with Doctors on Secure Video Call to connect patients with Online Doctors anytime anywhere through our Mobile Application.

Apart from video consultation find All types of healthcare facilities nearby like Doctors, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres, Medical Store, Ambulance, Blood Bank etc. Book our Bike Doc a unique telemedicine equipment which works on real time basis carried on a bike Ambulance, bike arrives at home takes vitals calls a doctor perform tests ecg etc provides emergency medicine collects samples or transports to the hospital if advised by the doctor. We also franchise Bike Doc and OMED Digital Clinic (A unique telemedicine centre with Diagnostic, Medicine and Sample Collection facilities)

About Founder
Dr. Amjad Ali : Founder & CEO Always wants to do something different /extra ordinary.

He is very Social, Loves to work for poor and needy people, Hence he worked with several NGOs & Government. He had participated in in Several Free Health Camps & So The Digital Health Centers also conduct Free Health Camps. He is a doctor graduated from Ukraine, Post graduate He worked at Railway Hospital, private & Government Hospitals and NGOs. He worked with several organizations like WHO, Unicef and also worked as private practitioner. He loves to do new things & believes nothing is impossible if done with honesty.

Mrs. Ummi Ajami : Secretary & CFO is a Dietitian, Beautician and Social worker. Always wants to create something new, she loves creation and Innovations

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